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About Artistry Masterworks

Howard Fisher is best known for the wide variety of subject matter in his artwork. His gift for composition takes the ordinary and makes it special. He started with a strong interest in photography at a young age. He quickly learned that the camera cannot capture all that the eye can see. The human eye sees subtleties in color, contrast and vibrance that the camera does not capture. The eye sees detail in both the shadows and highlights that are difficult to capture on film. He learned that the photo is only the beginning.

He became an expert in the darkroom learning the art of enhancing those items, thus better replicating the original scene and creating a strong vibrant print that is even better than the original scene.

He really came into his own when the digital age developed in photography. He became an expert at using complex imaging programs to bring the variations and intensity of colors alive. He takes small details and subtly enhances them and makes them more visible. Using the finest available artist canvas and fine art papers coupled with the best "GICLEE" printing processes available. He is able to enhance the visible impact, bring the the final print alive and create the final art piece.